Thobethulani Trading cc is a hundred percent black and female owned company that started from humble beginnings in March 2005.

Our company strives to provide reliable, prompt, continuous services conducted in accordance with the client specification and up to the required business standards. Thobethulani Trading C.C. is offering a service that caters for the clients needs but is also cognisant of the realities within the industry.

Thobethulani Trading has implemented a number of impactful or life changing construction projects in the region of KZN.



She’s a robust entrepreneur who possess many skills in the construction industry. Founder of Thobethulani Trading she has made a great impact in the General Building and Construction industries so much that she was honoured with the Best Woman in Construction Award in 2015 by The Master Builders Association. Armed with a National Diploma from Natal Technicon, Mrs Ndlovu is a Qualified Interior Designer and Project Manager.

Both these skill-sets have proven fruitful in her career as her Interior Designing Portfolio boosts designing and managing the look of the Speakers’s Offices in the KZN Parliament. This she achieved at a tender age of 26 making her business a force to be reckon with. In the years building her empire many of her respectable clients were highly impressed with her work and professionalism. This has led to her recognition in 2015 as she was nominated as the Best Woman in Construction in the province of KZN. This humbling milestone shows the great impact she has in the industries and society she serves.

With a positive outlook in her duties as a patriotic South African, she has embarked on a life changing journey called Great Impact Lifestyle. This brand serves as a platform which aims at acknowledging individuals who are making a great impact in their societies by giving them a platform to encourage aspiring individuals or groups who wish to in turn contribute positively to building this country. Mrs Ndlovu also serve as the Executive Board Member for the K.Z.N Master Builders Association.

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